Who will protect the rights of foreigners?

Active defenders of foreigners in the Czech Republic are:
– Chief ombudsman of the CR Anna Shabatova
– human rights activist, senator from the Green Party Václav Lask.
It’s no secret that the actions of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of the Czech Republic have not always been benevolent towards foreigners. When considering complaints by foreigners in the Supreme Administrative Court, cases of making positive verdicts in favor of foreigners were fairly rare. This state of affairs could not leave indifferent officials from the Ministry of Internal Affairs. Through the deputies of the parliament they lobbied the proposal that the courts would not review the decisions of the Ministry of Internal Affairs. The amendment created by the Ministry of Internal Affairs itself is just a response to those lawsuits that the Ministry was losing.
In what way do the two well-known human rights defenders disagree?
In the opinion of Senator Pan Laski, the amendment to the law on foreigners concerning mixed families is somewhat stiff. In mixed marriages where one spouse from a third country and the second spouse is a Czech or a citizen of another EU country, a foreign spouse has the opportunity to change the purpose of stay in the Czech Republic by applying for reunification in the territory of the Czech Republic. There is a “transition period” during which this statement is considered. Currently, according to the Law on the stay of foreigners, if during the “transition period” the residence permit of the foreign spouse has ended, then he must go to his country of origin and already there to file an application with the Czech consulate. This is the usual formalism. And the amendment did not touch on mixed foreigner marriages with EU citizens who are not citizens of the Czech Republic. According to the human rights activist, this situation is discriminatory not only for foreigners, but also for Czech citizens who married a citizen from a third country.
The next amendment concerns foreigners detained by the police. The police put offenders – foreigners in a certain, let’s say, an isolator. Detained foreigners had the right to file a complaint with the court as to whether the police’s actions were lawful for his detention. The court considered the complaint and made a decision. If the actions of the police were recognized by the court as illegal, the foreigner was entitled to compensation in the form of compensation for damage. After the law was changed, the foreigner lost the right to ask the court to find out whether his detention was lawful by the police or not. If he is not guilty, he is simply released, but he does not receive any compensation for damage. Moreover, he remains to pay his stay in this institution, which is far from being a sanatorium!
According to human rights activist Pan Lask it is a violation of human rights and a violation of the Constitution of the Chechen Republic, with which the senator disagreed and lodged a complaint with the Constitutional Court.
The second human rights defender Ombudsman Shabatova in an interview with INFO.CZ. “It says a lot about security, but I think it’s dangerous to do this way and violate the rights of people who are more difficult to defend because of ignorance of the language or the environment. If we are reconciled to the fact that the rights of the weaker will be violated, it will soon happen that the rights of everyone will be violated. “