Social Project School of Art Psychology – Ray of Hope!

The main goal of our project is “Luch of Hope” – to allow disabled children to get as close to their healthy peers as possible, to reach a large number of needy patients or “special” children, to reduce their parents’ expenses for the development, rehabilitation and socialization of children.

Among the many problems of childhood, the problems of children with disabilities become especially acute, which, without special training, can not expand the boundaries of the world accessible to them, join the modern achievements of civilization, find themselves in the impending adult life.

The problem of childhood disability both in the Czech Republic and in Europe as a whole is one of the most urgent. In the structure of diseases that lead to childhood disability, mental disorders and diseases of the nervous system predominate; developmental defects; diseases associated with metabolic disorders; diseases of the musculoskeletal system.

Among the reasons contributing to disability in children, such as the deterioration of the ecological situation, the growth of childhood trauma, the pathology of pregnancy and childbirth, the lack of normal conditions for a healthy lifestyle, the high incidence of parents, especially mothers, the unfavorable working conditions for women. In this connection, the idea arose, the creation of an Art Psychology school for rehabilitation, social adaptation and psychological support for children with disabilities.

Mainly care for disabled children is carried out by mothers or fathers, but other non-working able-bodied citizens who are not related to the child have the right to do so.

From this category of families it is necessary to single out families with disabled children with special needs who need lifelong care.

Basically, these are families with children with severe forms of diseases that have a prolonged course; children with multiple health problems. Care for these children requires considerable expenditure, effort and almost does not leave parents free time. Often, the alternative home care for these children are specialized boarding homes, where parents put their child out of desperation, without the ability and the means to raise it themselves.

On the contrary, parents who raise children with special needs in the family environment, help reduce the state’s expenses for the maintenance of such disabled children in state institutions of the system of social protection, education and health. Undoubtedly, such families need to be supported in order to provide these children with the necessary development.

This project is aimed at social adaptation and psychological support for disabled children living in families in the Czech Republic, as well as on the formation of a tolerant attitude of society towards people with disabilities.

Speaking of severe conditions, we mean not only diagnoses associated with disorders of the musculoskeletal system, such as cerebral palsy, but also various genetic abnormalities of development (Down’s syndrome, Prader-Willi syndrome and many others), as well as complex psychic disorder (autism).

The school “Luch of Hope” is created in order to help children with disabilities become full and full members of our society. Through creativity our school will help the social, psychological and intellectual rehabilitation of children.

Our School of Art Psychology “Ray of Hope” is a union of people independent of each other, united by a common idea to make the world more kind and better, and the life of children is interesting and meaningful.