Social project   “At the call of the heart”

Foster families for the elderly and disabled
1. Brief annotation of the project

The main goal of the project “At the Call of Heart” is to help elderly citizens of the Czech Republic who do not have close relatives to overcome the feeling of loneliness and fear and maintain a decent lifestyle. Every single person at the sunset of his years needs outside help. He really needs attention, care and support not in “public institutions” (nursing homes, boarding schools, etc.), but in the circle of the foster family. Anyone who is not indifferent to the problems of others can take part in solving such social problems.

2. Purpose of the project

The social project “On the Call of the Heart” includes the provision of social assistance to the elderly and vulnerable groups of the population. The project has a moral and educational function that will help develop the culture of veneration of elders. The practice of adoption of minor children for us is familiar, it is ubiquitous. Foster families bring up many children. But the creation of foster families for the elderly and disabled is a completely new phenomenon.
Our society lacks moral qualities: kindness, sympathy, real help and support for those who today are rejected by their relatives and friends, who found themselves in a difficult life situation.
The project “On the Call of the Heart” is aimed at broadly including the population of the Czech Republic in this non-standard sphere of activity, where single and elderly people need help and moral support.
Caring for an elderly person is a good example for the younger generation. Our contemporaries have long forgotten that family way of life when young members of the family provided decent old age and care for the older generation.

 3. Urgency of the project
The main problems of the elderly are: poor health, low income, social lack of demand and loneliness. The desire to change the lives of older people in such a way that they would cease to feel themselves unnecessary and unnecessary in this world – that’s why a new project was born!
In the city of Prague, there are many elderly people who can not work at full capacity. It is difficult for them not only to work for the society, but they do not even have enough physical strength to put things in order in their apartments, houses and garden plots. So they are waiting for help!
In our vain time, when everyone is in a hurry, rarely anyone thinks about the neighbor.
We must not forget that others need our warm attitude and attention. Respect and respect for the older generation is a reflection of the culture and education of the population of each country.

4. The task of the project

The main task of the project is to attract volunteers to help needy pensioners and disabled people.
To do this you need:
– to form a list of elderly and single citizens who need help in Prague;
– specify what specific assistance they need.
– organize a systematic visit to these people by volunteers to provide them with the necessary social assistance
– to connect non-profit public organizations to actively join in the work on the creation of foster families for the elderly.
First of all, it should be the work to popularize this idea among the population, the dissemination of information on the Internet and the media about the possibility of creating foster families for the elderly. The family is the most worthy environment for any person, and it’s hard to come up with anything more sad than a lonely old age.
In the following stages:
– Together with the social services centers of the population of the city of Prague, organize:
a) reception of applications and documents from citizens wishing to organize a foster family for an elderly person;
c) receiving applications from elderly citizens who need outside care and who want to live in a foster family.
The fulfillment of all these tasks will enhance the moral qualities of the project participants. People will believe in kindness and sympathy. The youth will learn to provide real help and support to those who today are torn away by their relatives and friends, who found themselves in a difficult life situation and, possibly, lost faith in society.

5. Expected results

The social project “At the call of the heart” will become the main mission of our organization.
Elderly people and people with disabilities will be provided with individual assistance and advice on all domestic and legal issues.
It is possible that this project will cause controversy. Some people will doubt the reality of the implementation of this project. There may be questions:
– How can an elderly person really get a full-fledged care in an extraneous family, if old people and disabled people do not receive such care in the circle of their relatives?
– Will the foster families be so disinterested or will they take the elderly people in their families to receive monthly cash payments and other material benefits?

Let’s look at this problem from both points of view.
On the one hand, a lonely elderly person gets a chance to spend the rest of his life in the family circle, in such a moral and psychological setting, where possible, will become a useful member of the family. The old man can read books to small children, tell them stories, teach them how to cook or iron clothes, and give wise advice.
On the other hand, people who receive an elderly person or an invalid in their family get the opportunity to realize their need to help those in need, to set a good example for their family members and others. For someone, this can be a great opportunity to make up for their “incomplete” families: to have a parent or grandparents for their children. It is possible that two single people can unite to support each other.

We, the staff of CIPP Merary z.s., hold the opinion that a person in old age should help overcome the feeling of loneliness and anguish. From the attitude of society to aging, to a certain extent, the ability of people to adapt to an increase in life expectancy will depend. This is especially important, as the time is rapidly approaching when every third inhabitant of the planet will be in seventy years.
Eternal youth does not exist. Everyone will grow old someday. Old age can be different: happy and not so. Often – this is the result of a lived life. Sometimes circumstances dictate. Older people need physical help and mental support. In return, they share their priceless life experience. Therefore, we consider this project to be important and necessary.