Information and Legal Assistance Center MERARY z.s. Is a public non-profit organization that monitors human rights in everyday life, and in which, if they are violated, people could apply to effectively protect their rights and freedoms. Information and Legal Aid Center Merary z.s. is a member of the International Council of Russian Compatriots in Moscow (http://www.msrs.ru/).


The purpose of the organization is in particular:
Protection of human rights and fundamental freedoms, legitimate interests in accordance with generally accepted principles and norms of international human rights law, including the provision of legal assistance to young foreign students, as well as pupils of schools and gymnasiums in matters of legal residence in the Czech Republic, the timely extension of the visa, the observance of the law on foreigners.
All activities of the association are based on the principle of impartiality, independence, openness and non-discrimination.
The main priority of our public organization is cooperation with civil society, as it strengthens common goals, helps to solve our common problems in the protection of human rights.


As an independent body in the field of the promotion and protection of human rights of everyone, the CIPP MERARY z.s. expose cases of human rights violations, wherever they occur, and give them an objective assessment. We serve as a forum for the exchange of views, analysis and response to contemporary human rights issues.
Method of work MERARY z.s. includes three main aspects: norm-setting, monitoring and implementation of human rights. We try to ensure the application of international standards in national legislation through the work of our representations and closer interaction with states. We cooperate with governments, civil society, national human rights institutions and other human rights institutions, international organizations, the private sector, etc.